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Fast Track is part of Chime Communications plc, a carbon neutral group of companies committed to reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. As part of this, Fast Track’s sustainability group has instigated the following initiatives:

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In addition, work is currently underway to create a comprehensive company-wide sustainable events policy in line with BS8901 certification. Many of our events have begun the process of becoming BS8901 compliant and we will continue to work towards this goal across all future events.


In order to create effective charity programmes across all International offices, we have created Charity guidelines which incorporate fundraising, volunteering and pro bono work enabling local markets to select the most relevant charity for them. The Charity selection process involves all employees to ensure engagement and buy-in and is managed by our Charity Committee.


Fast Track support Team Bryant as our company charity. Team Bryant came together to support our colleague, Jo’s fight against Cardiac Sarcoma – a rare type of cancer which she was diagnosed with at the age of 29. Her journey sadly came to an end in January 2013. Team Bryant is now delivering Jo’s legacy through a number of fundraising events which provide support to other young people affected by cancer. To find out more about Team Bryant, please visit:


Recognising the value of our people, we have established structured training programmes across the business to develop and enhance job specific skills and to better manage and motivate teams. This includes:

  • 4 Management training sessions across the company per year
  • Chime network training sessions across the whole company
  • ‘Centre of Excellence’ groups and ‘Best Practice’ client sessions

As we continue to grow we are equally committed to ensuring that our people have a voice and feel an integral part of the company. We have therefore set up an internal communications group made up of all levels of the company to represent cross-company views and ensure everyone is well represented.

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